Greater West Shore Teener Baseball League





SECTION 1: General:  This organization shall be known as the Greater West Shore Teener League (GWSTL). 

SECTION 2: League:  The GWSTL shall be divided into two leagues; the AMERICAN and NATIONAL


The AMERICAN and NATIONAL leagues will consist of two divisions each – JUNIOR and SENIOR


1. The National Senior Division can be comprised of players 18 to 15 years of age

2. The American Senior Division can be comprised of players 18-13 years of age 

3. The Junior Divisions can be comprised of players 14 to 13 years of age




The GWSTL is hereby established to promote the game of baseball, and to offer to its member organizations the opportunity for wholesome competition and good sportsmanship.

The GWSTL Executive Board reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to maintain its purpose as described in Article II and to ensure the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity of competition and competitive balance of the league.




SECTION 1: The GWSTL shall consist of those teams from the communities as defined in Exhibit “A” hereto on the West Shore approved by the GWSTL Board of Directors. 



  1. Associations on the West Shore which desire to field a baseball team or teams in any of the GWSTL divisions, and wish to affiliate with the GWSTL, may apply for admittance at a regularly scheduled board meeting. Majority Approval from the GWSTL Board of Directors is required for admittance.
  2. There shall be only one Association per approved boundary, unless approved by the current organization holding that boundary and by the GWSTL Board of Directors.
  3. Boundary alterations can occur only with approval by the organization/association holding that boundary and by the GWSTL Board of Directors.
  4. Existing boundaries having multiple associations, as of the date of this bylaw revision (April 2018) shall be deemed as ‘grandfathered’ and therefore consented, approved and agreed upon by the involved associations.


SECTION 3: Membership Fees 

A. A yearly non-refundable entrance fee for each team entered in the GWSTL.  Fees are due no later than March 31st. $125 per team. (As of this revision April 2022 and subject to change yearly)

B. All baseball associations that were members in good standing of the GWSTL the previous year are eligible for continuing membership. 

C. To be considered a member in good standing, the following qualifications must be met:   

          1. All money owed to the League must be paid in full. 

          2. Members shall not bring discredit to the GWTSL. 

          3. Members must be able to place responsible adults in charge of each team. 

          4. Teams must abide by the By-Laws of the GWSTL.

          5. Members must fulfill their role as League Commissioner as it arises through the member rotation.           

D. Any association not in good standing will be expelled from the GWSTL unless they can show good cause to the contrary to the GWSTL Executive Board.   



The Executive Board shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 



SECTION 1: The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the GWSTL shall consist of: all elected officers and one representative from each member organization. (as of this revision April 2018 there are 12 member organizations in good standing: Camp Hill, Carlisle, Cedar Cliff, Cumberland Valley, Dillsburg, East Penn, Hampden, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Red Land, Susquenita and West Perry)

SECTION 2: Each member of the Board or an authorized representative shall attend all meetings of the League.   An alternate representative shall be afforded the same privileges as the regular representative. 

SECTION 3: A $25.00 fine will be assessed for each meeting missed by participating associations.  Fines must be paid before the member will be allowed to participate in any GWSTL function (meetings, regular season games, playoffs, etc.).  The Board will place associations who miss two consecutive meetings on probation.  The Board may suspend an association for up to twelve months for repeated violations of this rule. A unanimous vote by the Board is required for reinstatement. 






SECTION 1: President  

A. May or may not be a team manager. 

B. Is responsible for conducting all business and meetings of the GWSTL as well as providing leadership to the Board of Directors including guiding and directing the governance process, setting policies and discussing league directives

C. Has the authority to establish any and all committees needed to administer the GWSTL.


SECTION 2: Vice-President  

A. May or may not be a team manager. 

B. Shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President.



SECTION 3: Secretary  

A. May or may not be a team manager. 

B. Shall record and have available the minutes of all meetings of the GWSTL.

C. Shall be responsible for all correspondence of the GWSTL



SECTION 4: Treasurer  

A. May or may not be a team manager. 

B. Shall be responsible for collecting all dues, membership fees and other monies. 

C. Shall be responsible for the payment of all expenditures of the GWSTL. 

    D. Shall provide a financial report at each regular meeting of the League.




SECTION 5: League Commissioner(s)


A. May or may not be a team manager.

B. Shall be responsible for the interpretation of the special playing rules of the GWSTL. 

C. Shall serve as the chief arbitrator in cases of disputes, other than those covered by the rules of baseball and protests (see Article XV – Section 3). 

D. Shall be responsible for maintaining the records of each team including pitching records and rosters 

E. Shall approve all rosters before the start of the season




SECTION 1: The nomination of candidates for all offices shall take place during the last meeting of the current season. 

SECTION 2: The election of officers shall take place during the first meeting of the following season. 

SECTION 3: Officers elected shall serve to the first meeting of the following year.




SECTION 1: Regular meetings of the GWSTL shall be held the months of February, March, April, May, June and July and at such time and place as agreed upon by the Board. (further meetings may be scheduled by the GWSTL Executive Board as needed)

SECTION 2: All coaches and interested individuals, etc. are welcome to attend all meetings and to take part in the discussions.  However, only one (1) member of the Board from each organization considered to be in good standing is eligible to vote. 

SECTION 3: Two-Thirds of the member organizations shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. (as of this April 2018 revision a quorum is 8 member organizations in good standing)





SECTION 1: The Executive Board shall determine the composition of the respective Leagues at the March meeting.  League schedules will be presented for approval by the Executive Board at the April meeting.

SECTION 2: No regularly scheduled games may remain un-played without a League Commissioner approval. 

SECTION 3: A League Commissioner reschedules all games with the Umpire Scheduler. Managers are responsible for contacting the League Commissioner with dates for rescheduling games that are postponed because of incompletion. All postponed games must be rescheduled within four (4) days of the postponed game. If the game is not rescheduled the League Commissioner may reschedule at his discretion. 

**Lack of players is a forfeit unless a 48-hour notice is given with both managers approval. Game must be rescheduled when notice is given.  (See Article XII, Section 12 for forfeit fines)

SECTION 4: All ejections must be reported to the appropriate League Commissioner by the affected manager(s) immediately following the completion of that game. All game suspensions of managers, coaches or players must be served at that teams next played game(s).

Managers and coaches, as leaders of our youth, are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.


Managers and coaches will be subject to ejection and/or discipline for any of the following actions: 

A. Conduct that is not in the best interest of the GWSTL. Including, but not limited to, any behavior deemed detrimental to the sportsmanship and integrity of the GWSTL and its member organizations.

B. Use of profane language. 

C. Physical or verbal abuse of a player, coach, umpire or spectator. 

D. Ejection from a game by the umpire(s). 


 Players will be subject to ejection and/or discipline for any of the following actions.  

A. Conduct that is not in the best interest of the GWSTL. Including, but not limited to, any behavior deemed detrimental to the sportsmanship and integrity of the GWSTL and its member organizations.

B. Use of profane language. 

C. Physical or verbal abuse of a player, coach, umpire or spectator. 

D. Ejection from a game by the umpire(s).

E. Throwing of any equipment, including but not limited to, helmets, bats, gloves and catchers gear.


1. Any of the above violations can and/or will result in a one (1) game suspension. 

2. A second violation can and/or will carry a three (3) game suspension. 

3. A third violation can and/or will carry an automatic suspension from the team for the remainder of the season and playoffs. 

4. An ejection by the umpire cannot be appealed.


SECTION 5: All scheduled or rescheduled games take precedence over any and all post-season and/or practice games. 

SECTION 6: Post season Playoffs shall be determined by the GWSTL Executive Board of Directors on a season by season basis as long as the standards in Article IX, Section 2, 3 and 5 are met and agreed upon by the League Commissioners or Board of Directors in the absence of League Commissioners. 




SECTION 1: The GWSTL will be comprised of individuals who reach the ages of 13, 14, 15, 16  17 and 18 prior to May 1st of each year. (Players age as of April 30th is their playing age.) and shall be hereafter referred to as the player’s ‘Baseball Age’.

A. National League – Senior Division: Players of Baseball Age 18 -15. 

B. National League – Junior Division: Players of Baseball Age 14 and younger. 

C. American League – Senior Division: Players of Baseball Age 18 and younger. 

D. American League – Junior Division: Players of Baseball Age 14 and younger


SECTION 2: The Home Team Manager is responsible for the following: 

A. Contacting the Umpire Scheduler and opposing manager to report a postponement for any reason.  All postponements must be called in as soon as possible. No later than one hour before scheduled game. 

B. Providing two regulation, leather baseballs as approved by the GWSTL and one acceptable used ball for each game.  Some approved baseballs are as follows: Wilson A1010, Rawlings AL1, Diamond DI Pro (Major/American Legion), Easton MI 

C. Responsible for maintaining the field in playable condition for games. The umpire will make final determination if a field is playable. 

D. The Home Team Manager is responsible for posting the game results on the league website within 24 hours of the completion of the game.   

**Failure to post the results on time will result in the following. First offence - Warning Second - $25.00 Fine Third - $25.00 Fine and Forfeiture     




SECTION 1: All games shall be played under the rules as set forth by the National Federation Rules (PIAA) and the GWSTL.


SECTION 2: When and where applicable, Special Playing Rules adopted by the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Board of the GWSTL shall take precedence. 

SECTION 3: The visiting team will be given the field 30 minutes before the start of the game. 

SECTION 4: Lineup Cards – Must be presented to the opposing team prior to the game. They must have player’s full name, jersey number, batting order, players fielding position (if applicable). All substitute players must be listed with jersey number.

SECTION 5:  All players deemed unavailable to pitch due to GWSTL pitching rules must be declared prior to the game if the opposing coach requests that information, without exception.




SECTION 1: Waiver: The GWSTL will permit a player to play for a team other than the team from the association which is the residence of his parent or guardian as set forth in Exhibit A. Provided the player and his parent obtains the consent of his home organization, the organization for which team he wishes to play and the GWSTL Board of Directors. The player may not be rostered for the team for which he wishes to play, until a fully completed waiver form is on file with the applicable League Commissioner and the Executive Board of GWSTL.  A new waiver must be obtained by the player for each playing season. 

SECTION 2: Waiver violation of Section 1 will be forfeit all games that player has played in. 

SECTION 3: Substitution Rule for All Divisions:  


A. Fielding Rules:  

No Restrictions except for “Pitching Restriction Rules”. There are free substitutions on defense. Players do not need to be in the batting order to play defense and may be switched in/out at any time.

B. Batting Rules:  

1. A team may bat 9 players (There is no EH/DH) and follow standard substitution rules.

                    A starter and substitute are married only in the batting order and can be moved in and out of batting order at any            time prior to an at-bat but may only bat in the same spot in the batting order.

                    A. A player that bats must run the bases after his turn at bat.                     

                    B. Except, pitcher / catcher “Courtesy Runner Rule” (Article XII, Section 12)

          Exception, injured player. 

                    A. Substitute can be put in batting order for injured player. 

                    B. Starter stays in current position.

2. A team may bat their entire line up/roster

            A. Batting choice must be declared by each Head Coach prior to the game and may not be switched at any time during that game.



SECTION 4: Pitching Restrictions Rules:


Number of Pitches:

Days of Rest Required:

76-100 (maximum 100 pitches in a game)

3 Calendar Days


2 Calendar Days


1 Calendar Day


No rest required*





  • If a pitcher reaches any pitch count threshold during an at-bat, he may continue to pitch to that batter until such batter is put out or reaches base, or until a third out has been made prior to the end of that at bat and will remain at that threshold.  
  • No pitcher may appear in more than 2 consecutive days of competition
  • Maximum pitch limitation for a week is 200 pitches (week is considered Sunday to Saturday)
  • Scorekeepers are requested to frequently confer with one another to confirm pitch counts (no less than once per inning).  If a discrepancy occurs between the visiting and home pitch counts that cannot be resolved, the scorebook of the home team shall be the official book
  • If the starting pitcher is pulled, he may re-enter as a pitcher one (1) time during the remainder of the game (all pitching restrictions still apply and do not reset with the re-entry)
  • If a player throws more pitches than permitted by the restrictions he is considered ineligible and the game will be forfeited
  • If a game is stopped for any reason prior to it becoming a legal game (see Section 5) all pitches thrown by all pitchers in that game will still count towards pitching restrictions


SECTION 5: A legal game is four (4) innings, home team losing; three and a half innings (3 ½) if the home team is winning. Games stopped before being considered a legal game will be considered "suspended" and rescheduled and continued from the exact suspended state. (all pitches thrown by all pitchers will still count towards pitching restrictions)   

SECTION 6:  Players will be permitted to wear metal spikes. 

SECTION 7:  National Senior and Junior Division Pitchers – Balk Rule is no warning.

SECTION 8:  American Senior and Junior Division Pitchers - Balk Rule There will be (1) warning per pitcher per game.

SECTION 9:  Mercy rule is as follows – 10 run rule (4 ½ -5 innings) - 15 run rule (2 ½ -3 innings)

SECTION 10:  Only BBCOR stamped (-3oz) 2 5/8 diameter (NFHS) and wood bats allowed.







SECTION 11: General/Roster Rules   

A. All organizations must submit an official roster by the April Scheduling Meeting. Along with the official roster, each association/team must submit proof of liability insurance. Each organization roster will have all their teams separated by division and each roster must contain the following:  Team name; Players name, full address and date of birth; Manager and coaches’ phone numbers and e-mail address.  Twenty (20) is the maximum number of players per team roster.  Ten (10) is the minimum number of players per team roster.  

B. Each player on all rosters, except for National Senior, may be ‘called up’ to play for a higher team.  A player’s name may appear on only one of an organization’s rosters and that will be considered his Primary team. Organizations that have more than one team at the same level may not “cross alternate” or combine rosters. “Called up” or “Alternate” players must come from a lower league.

Based on the following order:

National Senior

American Senior 

National Junior 

American Junior 

13 National or American (Hampden league) or equivalent Little League/Cal Ripken League


C.  Alternate/called up players may not start ahead of a regular/primary rostered player.

               1. Alternate/Called up players may not pitch for the team that called them up until that players primary teams season is over completely including playoffs.

               2. No player(s) rostered on a High School JV or Varsity roster will be eligible to play in the American Senior or Junior Division unless their current organization is not fielding a National Senior and/or National Junior team for said season AND permission has been granted to that player/team by the GWSTL Executive Board of Directors via majority vote. If an association has more than one American Senior Division team, the approved High School player(s) must be divided equally between the teams.

                            (a). At no time can the number of High School rostered baseball players exceed two (2) on any one American Senior Division team without the approval or authorization of the GWSTL Executive Board

                            (b). At no time may a High School rostered baseball player (JV or Varsity) of any age pitch in the American Senior Division

                3. No player(s) rostered on a High School JV or Varsity roster will be permitted to play in the American Junior Division unless permission has been granted to that player/team by the GWSTL Executive Board of Directors via majority vote.

D. If these conditions for alternates are not met, it is considered using an illegal player.  

E. League Commissioners shall review and approve all rosters for their respective division before the start of the season.

F. In the event a team uses a player not listed on their roster, uses a player proven to be over the age limit for their division, uses a player (primary or alternate) in a manner that violates the rules listed in this Article, that team will be considered to have used an illegal player. The penalty shall be a $50.00 fine (per occurrence) AND the forfeiture of those games said player participated in. This fine must be paid before the player is eligible to play, and the manager is eligible to manage the team again.

G. The wait time for a team having insufficient players to start a game is ½ hour.



SECTION 12:  Courtesy Runner Rule: All Divisions  

1. Courtesy runners are allowed for only the pitcher or catcher; all others are pinch runners and must be inserted in the lineup as substitutes.

2. The criteria by which a player can be used as a Courtesy Runner must be met in the following order: 

              a. A non-starter with eligibility (has not been in the game yet).

              b. If there are no players on the bench with eligibility, a player who is not in the lineup at that time may be used    

              c. if there are no players not in the lineup, the player who made the last out may be used. 

3. The same player may be used as a courtesy runner multiples times in a game. 

4. That player can be the courtesy runner for either the pitcher or the catcher.  Not both. 

5. Example, once a player runs for the catcher, he cannot run for the pitcher. 


SECTION 13: All games will be played using the following point system:

 Win – 2 points

 Tie – 1 point

 Loss – 0 points


SECTION 14:  All regularly scheduled games must be completed unless approved by the League Commissioner.

Games not played will be fined as follows. 

A.   Mutual consent by both teams. $30.00 each team

B.   Forfeit by one team with umpires cancelled. $30.00 

C.   Failure of a team to show for a scheduled game, umpire fees plus $30.00


SECTION 15:  Playoff Tie Breaker will be determined by the following: (For purposes of playoff seedings forfeited games for whatever reason will be considered as a "played" game)

A.   Overall winning percentage % after all games have been played (all games must be played by all affected teams). 

B.   Divisional winning percentage (if applicable)

C.   Head to head record. 

D.   Least average amount of runs scored against per game. (Forfeit = 1 run per inning. 7 innings 7 runs, 5 innings 5 runs.)




SECTION 16: Playoff Rules.  

A.   Pitching restrictions and eligibility do not reset prior to any playoff games. (See Article XII, Section 4 for pitching rules and restrictions)

B.  In all playoff games including the championship games, each team will pay for one umpire (payment and number of umpires per game may vary year to year at GWSTL Executive Boards discretion) and provide two approved baseballs.

C.  Higher seed is home team.




SECTION 1:  Each game should have two umpires provided by the Cumberland Valley Umpires Association. 

SECTION 2: Payment of all umpires shall be the sole responsibility of each team split equally at time of game for regular season games.




SECTION 1:  All amendments to this constitution and By Laws shall be submitted in writing to the Board prior to being acted upon.  Amendments must be passed by two-thirds (2/3) majority, provided a quorum is present.




SECTION 1:  Any and all protests shall be submitted in writing (email) to the respective League Commissioner and GWSTL Executive Board within 48 hours of the start of protested game. Said protests must state clearly the teams/coaches involved as well as the situation being protested.  

SECTION 2: A copy of the written protest must also be forwarded to the opposing Manager and Umpire representative if requested.

SECTION 3:  The GWSTL Executive Board along with the League Commissioner will handle the protest quickly and without prejudice based on information provided and interviews conducted with teams/coaches/umpires involved.


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