Greater West Shore Teener Baseball League


                           GWSTL Coaches Guide

                                   HOME TEAM MANAGERS RESPONSIBILITIES

In the event of a rainout or cancellation the HOME team manager will call Ron Lewis at 717-774-3681 (Fax line) as early as possible (no later than 90 minutes prior to game time) to cancel the umpires. If you wait until less than 90 minutes he may not be able to cancel the umpires in time and if the umpires arrive at your field you will be charged a “show up” fee of ½ the standard umpire fee for a game for each umpire that shows up. When calling Ron to cancel please leave a message if necessary and be specific. (your name, your team, your division, your field, your scheduled game time). Please keep in mind that Ron schedules all CV umpires for all games including High School. The sooner you can cancel a rainout the better.

HOME team manager will be responsible for rescheduling all your rained out and canceled games THROUGH THEIR LEAGUE COMMISSIONER. Your league commissioner will be the only person contacting Ron Lewis to reschedule games on your behalf. You will contact the opposing manager and come up with 2 acceptable reschedule dates, times and fields prior to contacting your appropriate league commissioner to schedule umpires.

HOME team manager will provide 3 regulation leather baseballs as approved by the GWSTL for each home game (1 of the baseballs may be slightly game used).

HOME team manager will ensure the visiting team is given the field no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time.

HOME team manager will ensure field is in playable condition (umpires will have final say)

Umpire fee will be split between each team (home & away) at home plate prior to the game the agreed upon fee of $55 per umpire. (2 umpires per game) Double header = $100 per umpire, 1-man crew = $80

                                          GENERAL PLAYING RULES

A legal game is 3 ½ innings if home team is winning and 4 innings if home team is losing

Mercy rule is as follows – 10 run rule (4 ½ -5 innings) - 15 run rule (2 ½ -3 innings)

Starting pitcher who is pulled may re-enter as a pitcher once per game (pitch count is not reset)

Courtesy Runner Rules for All Divisions: Courtesy runners are allowed for only the pitcher or catcher; all others are pinch runners and must be inserted in the lineup as substitutes. The criteria by which a player can be used as a Courtesy Runner must be met in the following order: 1.) A non-starter with eligibility (has not been in the game yet). 2.) If there are no players on the bench with eligibility, a player who is not in the lineup at that time may be used. 3.) If there are no players not in the lineup, the player who made the last batted out may be used. The same player may be used as a courtesy runner multiples times in a game. That player can be the courtesy runner for either the pitcher or the catcher. Not both. Example, once a player runs for the catcher, he cannot run for the pitcher for the remainder of the game.

Only BBCOR stamped (-3oz) 2 5/8 diameter (NFHS) and wood bats allowed.


**Any ejection must be reported to your league commissioner immediately following the game by either text, call or email. A 1 game suspension is immediately imposed and will be served by that player(s) or coach(s) at next played game. No exceptions




Number of Pitches:

Days of Rest Required:

76-100 (maximum 100 pitches in a game)

3 Calendar Days


2 Calendar Days


1 Calendar Day


No rest required*







                             DEFENSIVE SUBSTITUTION RULES

There are free substitutions on defense except for where “pitching restriction rules “apply. Players on defense are not required to be in the batting order.

                                                 OFFENSIVE SUBSTITUTION RULES

Teams may choose to bat 9 players and substitute per the offensive substitution rules, or they may bat their entire line up. This must be declared prior to the game at home plate and may not be changed during the game. There is no EH/DH

If batting 9 players:

 A starter and substitute are married only in the batting order and can be moved in and out of batting order at any time but must remain in the same spot in the batting order.

1. A player that bats must run the bases after his turn at bat.

2. Except, pitcher / catcher “Courtesy Runner Rule”

Exception, injured player.

1. Substitute can be put in batting order for injured player.

 2. Starter stays in current position.


**GWSTL does not have a “must play” rule


Important contact information:

President – Bill Curtis -717-542-5387,

Vice President - Bob Swanger – 717-798-4604,

Treasurer – John Mock – 717-961-6531,

Secretary – Greg Minnich – 610-283-6547,


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